Dan Rizza

Director, Program on Sea Level Rise

Dan Rizza leads the Program on Sea Level Rise, directing a team dedicated to equipping coastal stakeholders with the tools, information, and products necessary to understand, communicate, visualize, and respond to sea level rise and coastal flooding, while also underscoring the importance of mitigating its drivers. The team continually refines their approach based on stakeholder feedback.

Previously, he worked at the Climate Policy Center of Clean Air-Cool Planet where he managed sea level rise mapping initiatives, researched public attitudes on sea level rise, and advised Congressional Committees on sea level rise and climate hearings. He is a co-author of An Energy Future Transformed: The Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) and was a member of the team contracted by the Department of Energy to advise and support the start-up of ARPA-E. He earned his Master’s degree from Georgetown University’s Graduate School of Foreign Service and his BA from Colby College.