America's Preparedness Report Card 2015

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Washington faces considerable and significantly increasing threats from extreme heat, drought, wildfire, inland flooding, and coastal flooding. The state faces higher than average threat levels for drought and inland flooding, and could do more to address its current and future risks, particularly from extreme heat.

Extreme Heat

While Washington currently faces a below average extreme heat threat compared to other states, it has done little to address its current and growing future risks. Washington’s State Enhanced Hazard Mitigation Plan does not cover extreme heat.


Washington faces the third largest drought threat among states, but it is already working to address its current and future drought risks.


Washington is one of the leaders in preparing for wildfire risks. The state's wildfire threat level is projected to triple by 2050 but it is one of the few states that have taken action to understand and plan for their future wildfire risks.

Inland Flooding

Washington's inland flooding threat level ranks in the top 5 states. It is one of the few states that have taken strong action to understand their future risks.

Coastal Flooding

Washington currently has more than 35,000 people living in areas vulnerable to coastal flooding. The state's climate change adaptation plan contains recommendations for sea level rise adaptation but so far it has done little to implement these plans.