America's Preparedness Report Card 2015

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Texas Wildfires

By 2050, Texas is projected to top the nation with the worst overall wildfire threat. The state is doing a lot to address its current wildfires risks but relative to its increasing threat, Texas is doing little to prepare for future wildfires.



For more information on how prepared Texas is for its growing wildfires threat, read the detailed state summary.


Is Texas taking action?

  • Without a climate change vulnerabilty assessment or adaptation plan, Texas is unprepared for its extraordinary future wildfire risks
  • In terms of the wildfire risks Texas faces today, the state is much better prepared; wildfires are addressed in the State Hazard Mitigation Plan and Community Wildfire Protection Plans

Did you know...

  • Nearly 18 million people in Texas (70 percent of the state population) live in areas at elevated risk of wildfires, the largest at-risk population of any state

  • By 2050, Texas’ average number of days with high wildfire potential is projected to double from 40 to nearly 80 days a year.