America's Preparedness Report Card 2015

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South Carolina Extreme Heat

South Carolina is projected to see its annual average number of heat wave days quadruple by 2050. The state has taken strong action to address its current risks, primarily through hazard mitigation planning. However, the state has not produced a detailed, statewide vulnerability assessment for extreme heat nor developed an adaptation plan that covers it.



For more information on how prepared South Carolina is for its growing extreme heat threat, read the detailed state summary.


Is South Carolina Taking Action?

  • The Department of Natural Resources published Climate Change Impacts to Natural Resources in South Carolina, which describes general heat impacts on the state
  • While South Carolina is tracking heat impacts in the health sector, it has not conducted a detailed climate change vulnerability assessment that covers all the sectors
  • The state has not developed a statewide climate change adaptation plan nor has it begun to implement strategies to improve resilience

Did you know...

  • Currently, South Carolina averages 25 days a year classified as dangerous or extremely dangerous, according to the NWS Heat Index. By 2050, South Carolina is projected to see nearly 90 such days annually
  • By 2050, the typical number of heat wave days in South Carolina is projected to quadruple from 15 to nearly 60 days a year