America's Preparedness Report Card 2015

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Rhode Island Extreme Heat

Rhode Island has a small vulnerable population and a relatively moderate climate; nonetheless, it has taken considerable steps to understand and plan for changing heat threats, and to begin to put those plans in action.



For more information on how prepared Rhode Island is for its growing extreme heat threat, read the detailed state summary.


Is Rhode Island Taking Action?

  • Rhode Island has conducted a statewide vulnerability assessment for extreme heat, is tracking extreme heat impacts, and has programs in place to help older residents prepare for heat risks
  • A Resilient Rhode Island: Being Practical About Climate Change was developed by several Rhode Island departments and provides information about climate change-related extreme heat (among other threats), as well as potential adaptation strategies, including an implementation plan
  • Rhode Island Executive Climate Change Coordinating Council (EC4) was established in 2014 to take a lead role in developing and implementing a comprehensive approach to address extreme heat and other climate threats

Did you know...

  • Currently, Rhode Island rarely experiences days classified as dangerous or extremely dangerous according to the NWS Heat Index. By 2050, the state is projected to see more than 10 such days a year
  • By 2050, the typical number of heat wave days in Rhode Island is projected to quadruple from more than 10 to approximately 40 days a year
  • Rhode Island has more than 26,000 people who are considered to be especially vulnerable to extreme heat because they are 65 and older, or under 5 years old, and are living in poverty. This is below average among the lower 48 states