America's Preparedness Report Card 2015

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Pennsylvania Extreme Heat

Despite having a large number of people at elevated vulnerability to extreme heat, Pennsylvania faces a generally modest threat from extreme heat. With several climate change preparation assessments already complete, Pennsylvania has done much more than the typical state to prepare for future extreme heat threats.



For more information on how prepared Pennsylvania is for its growing extreme heat threat, read the detailed state summary.


Is Pennsylvania Taking Action?

  • The Pennsylvania Department of Health keeps state-level statistics on deaths from exposure to excessive heat
  • The Pennsylvania Climate Impacts Assessment includes extensive information on modeling of future temperature and projected impacts on different sectors throughout the state
  • The Pennsylvania Climate Adaptation Planning Report contains a discussion of adaptation measures for infrastructure and public health sectors to address current and future risks

Did you know...

  • Currently, Pennsylvania averages fewer than 5 days a year classified as dangerous or extremely dangerous according to the NWS Heat Index. By 2050, the state is projected to face more than 15 such days annually
  • Pennsylvania has more than 315,000 people 65 and older, or under 5 years old, living below the poverty line, which is above average among the lower 48 states. These groups are considered to be especially vulnerable to extreme heat