America's Preparedness Report Card 2015

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Pennsylvania Coastal Flooding

A small portion of Pennsylvania's coast lies along the tidal portion of Delaware Bay; the state faces the second smallest threat from coastal flooding in the country. Pennsylvania's level of preparedness is typical among coastal states.



For more information on how prepared Pennsylvania is for its growing coastal flooding threat, read the detailed state summary.


Is Pennsylvania Taking Action?

  • The Pennsylvania Climate Impacts Assessment includes extensive information on modeling of future sea level rise and projected impacts on different sectors throughout the state
  • The Pennsylvania Climate Adaptation Planning Report contains a discussion of adaptation measures for infrastructure and public health sectors to address current and future risks, including sea level rise
  • The State Water Plan incorporates climate change projections for sea level rise into its policy recommendations intended to promote sustainable water services in the state

Did you know...

  • Currently, Pennsylvania has about 7,000 people at risk of a 100-year coastal flood, the second smallest population at risk among the 22 coastal states assessed
  • By 2050, Pennsylvania’s coastal flood risk is projected to almost double, putting an additional 6,000 people in the 100-year coastal floodplain
  • Pennsylvania has the smallest proportion of its total area currently in the 100-year coastal floodplain. By 2050, the area is projected double from 10 to more than 20 square miles