America's Preparedness Report Card 2015

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Oregon Coastal Flooding

With a generally steep coast, Oregon faces a very low threat level from sea level rise and coastal flooding. It has taken strong action to address current coastal flooding risks, but only limited action to prepare for future risks, and almost no action to implement adaptation strategies.



For more information on how prepared Oregon is for its growing coastal flooding threat, read the detailed state summary.


Is Oregon taking action?

  • The Climate and Health Profile Report outlines the impacts of rising sea levels on public health; the Oregon Climate Change Adaptation Framework discusses adaptation measures for coastal flooding risks
  • The Oregon Integrated Water Resources Strategy highlights the threat posed by rising sea levels to wastewater treatment and other coastal water utilities facilities and recommends actions to minimize impacts
  • Oregon does not have a policy framework for managing retreat from areas subject to increased threat of climate-related coastal flooding

Did you know...

  • The highest observed flood level at Astoria, OR, was 4ft above the local high tide line; at this flood level, $780 million worth of property and 25 hazardous waste sites in the state are at risk of coastal flooding