America's Preparedness Report Card 2015

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Oklahoma Inland Flooding

Oklahoma faces a moderate threat from inland flooding compared to other states assessed, but its efforts to address that threat fall behind that of most other states. While Oklahoma, has taken strong action to address its current risks from inland flooding, it has taken no action to plan for climate change-related inland flooding risks, or to implement adaptation strategies.



For more information on how prepared Oklahoma is for its growing inland flooding threat, read the detailed state summary.


Is Oklahoma Taking Action?

  • The state’s Standard Hazard Mitigation Plan, technical assistance programs, emergency communications materials, and sector-specific programs are helping the state prepare for its inland flooding risks
  • There is no evidence of detailed, statewide climate change adaptation plan across sectors examined for inland flooding
  • There is no evidence of public outreach about climate change-related risks for inland flooding

Did you know...

  • Nearly 210,000 people in Oklahoma are living in flood-prone areas (defined as FEMA’s 100-year floodplain). This represents more than 5.5 percent of Oklahoma’s total population, which is above average among the 32 states assessed for inland flooding.
  • By 2050, Oklahoma’s inland flooding threat is projected to increase by 25 percent (assuming the size of the vulnerable population stays the same).