America's Preparedness Report Card 2015

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New York is among the most prepared states for the climate threats it faces, which include extreme heat, drought, inland flooding, and coastal flooding. The state has been working hard to understand and plan for the increasing risks climate change poses through these threats. Unlike most other states, New York has incorporated detailed climate change projections into its state-level plans.

Extreme Heat

More than a half million people in New York are especially vulnerable to extreme heat; it is one of the few states already taking several steps to address its future heat risks.


New York is one of the leaders in preparing for drought risks. The state's climate change impact report addresses future drought risks and New York has also established laws designed to monitor water use across the state. By 2050, New York's summer drought threat is projected to double.


Grades were assigned only when threats were identified as priorities for that state. For details, see the methodology.

Inland Flooding

New York stands out in its preparedness for inland flooding risks. More than 240,000 people across the state live in flood-prone areas but it is doing a lot to address its growing inland flooding threat.

Coastal Flooding

New York faces the nation's third largest coastal flooding threat, based on the size of its at-risk population. The state is already implementing adaptation strategies, including introducing sea level rise maps for coastal communities and requiring state agencies to include sea level projections in much of their decision-making