America's Preparedness Report Card 2015

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New Mexico Drought

New Mexico faces one of the greatest overall threats from drought in the nation. It is taking an average amount of action to address its risks among the states assessed for drought. New Mexico has yet to implement any adaptation strategies, however, it is in the process of updating regional water plans and preparing a new statewide water plan for 2017 that aims to address future drought risks.



For more information on how prepared New Mexico is for its growing drought threat, read the detailed state summary.


Is New Mexico Taking Action?

  • New Mexico’s Drought Task Force produced a drought plan in 2006, and is tracking current and historical drought conditions in the state
  • In 2006, New Mexico released The Impact of Climate Change on New Mexico’s Water Supply and Ability to Manage Water Resources, which identified future drought risks and strategies to increase resilience
  • However, the state has not done much to develop a statewide climate change adaptation plan and has not taken any action to implement strategies to improve resilience to future drought risks