America's Preparedness Report Card 2015

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New Jersey Coastal Flooding

New Jersey has the fourth-largest population at risk of coastal flooding but it lags behind other coastal states in taking steps to prepare for future sea level rise and coastal flooding risks. Like most coastal states, New Jersey has taken strong action to address its current risks, but it could do more to assess its vulnerability to climate change-driven coastal flooding, and much more to plan for increasing coastal flooding risks.



For more information on how prepared New Jersey is for its growing coastal flooding threat, read the detailed state summary.


Is New Jersey taking action?

  • Unlike most other coastal states, New Jersey has not yet done much to prepare for future sea level rise and coastal flooding risks
  • A statewide report, The Garden State in the Greenhouse: Climate Change Mitigation and Coastal Adaptation Strategies for New Jersey, discusses adaptation strategies for sea level rise.
  • New Jersey could increase its grade by putting together and implementing a comprehensive plan to increase coastal resilience, or adopting policies to incorporate sea level rise into state investments

Did you know...

  • The highest observed flood level at Atlantic City was 4ft above the local high tide line. At this flood level, more than $75 billion worth of property and 750 hazardous waste sites in the state are at risk of coastal flooding.