America's Preparedness Report Card 2015

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Nebraska Drought

Nebraska has taken extensive action to prepare for its current drought risks and associated impacts. However, when it comes to future drought risks, the state has done very little to understand its vulnerability to climate change-related drought, develop an adaptation plan, or implement regulations that could improve resilience.



For more information on how prepared Nebraska is for its growing drought threat, read the detailed state summary.


Is Nebraska Taking Action?

  • Overall, Nebraska has taken very few steps to prepare for its future drought risks. It has not assessed its statewide vulnerability to climate change-related drought and the state has not developed an adaptation plan to improve resilience

  • Nebraska has sector-level programs to address its current risks such as its Climate Assessment and Response Committee (CARC), Water Shortage Emergency Response Plan for Small Public Drinking Water Systems, and Nebraska Green Building Program

  • While CARC was created to coordinate, monitor, and assess information regarding all aspects of drought and other climate-related emergencies, it has mainly focused on current drought trends and seasonal predictions