America's Preparedness Report Card 2015

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Montana Drought

Montana earns an F for its drought preparation because it faces one of the highest threats in the country and has one of the worst preparedness scores. Montana has taken much less action than most states to address its current risks. The Montana State Water Plan is a good step forward but far more needs to be done in the face of the extreme drought threat Montana is projected to see in the future.



For more information on how prepared Montana is for its growing drought threat, read the detailed state summary.


Is Montana Taking Action?

  • Montana is taking much less action to address its current drought risks than most states; it includes drought in its hazard mitigation plan, but does not have an emergency operation plan that covers drought
  • The Montana State Water Plan discusses how climate change could affect the state's water supply, and proposes adaption measures to reduce these impacts. However, there is little evidence that any of the recommendations are being implemented
  • Montana could improve its resilience to future droughts by developing a statewide climate change adaptation plan that covers all the sectors examined and begin to actually implement adaptation measures