America's Preparedness Report Card 2015

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Mississippi Extreme Heat

Mississippi faces one of the nation's greatest threats from extreme heat, both today and in the future, yet the state is lacking in its level of preparedness. By 2050, the state is projected to see an average of 100 days a year when the temperature reaches dangerous levels. Developing a climate change adaptation plan would help the state protect its people and assets.



For more information on how prepared Mississippi is for its growing extreme heat threat, read the detailed state summary.


Is Mississippi taking action?

  • Mississippi is the only state that has not taken any steps to prepare for its future heat risks
  • The state does not have any vulnerability assessments across sectors examined nor does it have a climate change adaptation plan
  • Mississippi did not profile extreme heat in its Standard Mitigation Plan, but it does provide preparedness guidance and includes extreme heat as a natural hazard in its Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan

did you know...

  • Today, Mississippi averages 25 days a year when heat exceeds dangerous levels; by 2050, the state is projected to see this quadruple to 100 danger days annually