America's Preparedness Report Card 2015

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Hawaii Extreme Heat

Hawaii is failing to address its current and growing extreme heat threat. Even though its temperatures are generally moderated by the nearby ocean and onshore winds, days above 90°F are not uncommon, and humidity is typically high. The state needs to do more to prepare for its current risks and plan for hotter temperatures due to climate change.


For more information on how prepared Hawaii is for its growing heat threat, read the detailed state report. 

Is Hawaii taking action?

  • The state's Hazard Mitigation Plan does not include extreme heat events as a current threat to Hawaii, although it does discuss potential impacts of increased temperature in the future due to climate change
  • Hawaii could increase its preparedness score for extreme heat by ensuring that climate change adaptation measures for increases in extreme heat events are included in forthcoming adaptation materials called for by the Hawaii Climate Adaptation Initiative Act