America's Preparedness Report Card 2015

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Georgia Inland Flooding

Georgia has more than 570,000 people living in areas prone to inland flooding. The state has done more than most states to address its current inland flooding risks but it has taken almost no steps to prepare for future risks.



For more information on how prepared Georgia is for its growing inland flooding threat, read the detailed state report.


Is Georgia taking action?

  • Beyond Georgia's State Energy Strategy plan's acknowledgement that climate change could cause an increase in intense storms and inland flooding events, the state has not conducted a detailed vulnerability assessment for inland flooding
  • The state has not developed a statewide climate change adaptation plan to understand and improve future inland flooding resilience
  • Georgia's Flood Mitigation Assistance Program provides funds for communities to implement measures to reduce inland flooding risks to building and homes

Did you know...

  • By 2050, Georgia is projected to see the second greatest increase in inland flooding threat level and face a greater threat than the majority of states