America's Preparedness Report Card 2015

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Florida has a lot of work to do. Even though the state has plans in place to face today's threats, Florida has not taken sufficient steps to prepare for the serious threats posed by future climate change, particularly coastal flooding.

Extreme Heat

Florida is projected to see the biggest increase in its extreme heat threat of any state by 2050 yet the state has not implemented any plans to prepare for its future heat risk.


By 2050, Florida's summer drought threat is projected to double. The state is working to understand its future drought risks but it could be doing more.


Florida has one of largest populations at risk of wildfires — 5.3 million people — and the state has done more than most to plan for future wildfires.

Inland Flooding

1.5 million Floridians are at elevated risk for inland flooding but the state has not implemented any plans to address its future inland flooding risks.

Coastal Flooding

Florida faces the largest coastal flooding threat nationwide. Given its enormous risk, the state needs to do more.