America's Preparedness Report Card 2015

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Delaware Inland Flooding

Delaware is one of the leaders in preparing for inland flooding risks. Not only has it developed a climate change adaptation plan, but it is already implementing strategies to improve resilience.



For more information on how prepared Delaware is for its growing inland flooding threat, read the detailed state report.


Is Delaware taking action?

  • Delaware is one of only two states that has taken extensive action to plan for climate change-related inland flooding risks
  • For example, the Climate Framework for Delaware (the state's adaptation plan) incorporates sector-specific adaptation recommendations across all sectors examined
  • The Floodplain and Drainage Committee has recommended higher building standards to address future inland flooding risks, and much of the state has voluntarily adopted these standards

Did you know...

  • By 2050, Delaware is projected to see a 70 percent increase in severity of high flow events (assuming the size of the vulnerable population stays the same)