America's Preparedness Report Card 2015

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California Extreme Heat

California is the leader in preparing for extreme heat risks, despite having the third greatest overall threat among the lower 48 states.



For more information on how prepared California is for its growing extreme heat threat, read the detailed state report.


Is California taking action?

  • The Safeguarding California adapation plan goes a long way to helping the state prepare for its growing heat risks
  • It is also one of only two states that has already taken numerous steps to actually implement adapation measures
  • The CalAdapt tool allows California residents to map exposure to various hazards, including rising temperatures and extreme heat

Did you know...

  • California summer high temperatures have warmed by about 2°F since the 1970s

  • The state currently averages 35 dangerous heat days a year; by 2050, California is projected to see almost 50 such days a year