America's Preparedness Report Card 2015

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California faces some of the most severe climate threats of any state, both now and in the future, but its A grade reflects the state’s exceptional level of preparedness. In 2014, the state published Safeguarding California, one of the most comprehensive climate change adaptation planning documents in the country.

Extreme Heat

California is the leader in preparing for extreme heat risks, despite having the third greatest overall threat among the lower 48 states.


California is projected to see a large increase in its summer drought threat by 2050. It has taken more steps than any other state to prepare for its drought risks.


California faces the second largest wildfire threat compared to other states, but it has also taken the strongest actions towards increasing its preparedness for future wildfires.

Inland Flooding

California has nearly 1.3 million people living in flood-prone areas, more than any other state. It is one of a few states that have taken strong action to understand its vulnerability under future climates, and extensive action to plan for future inland flooding risks.

Coastal Flooding

California is the only state with a far above average level of preparedness for its coastal flooding threat. The state currently has almost 170,000 people at risk of a 100-year coastal flood.