America's Preparedness Report Card 2015

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Arkansas Inland Flooding

Arkansas has taken much less action than most states to prepare for both its current and future inland flooding risks, despite having one of the greatest threat levels.



For more information on how prepared Arkansas is for its growing inland flooding threat, read the detailed state report.


Is Arkansas taking action?

  • Arkansas has taken some action to understand its future risks, but has not conducted detailed climate change vulnerability assessments across the sectors examined
  • The state has not begun to develop or implement adaptation plans to address its future inland flooding risks
  • Arkansas addresses current inland flooding risks through its statewide mitigation plan and the Department of Transportation has storm water management procedures

Did you know...

  • Arkansas ranks third among the states assessed for inland flooding threats in terms of the severity of its high runoff events (weighted by its vulnerable population)
  • The number of very heavy downpours in Arkansas has increased since the 1950