America's Preparedness Report Card 2015

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Arizona Extreme Heat

Arizona is projected to see heat wave days more than triple by 2050, but it is not yet doing much to plan for and adopt heat-related adaptation measures.



For more information on how prepared Arizona is for its growing extreme heat threat, read the detailed state report.


Is Arizona taking action?

  • Arizona no detailed climate change adaptation plans
  • Like most states, there is no evidence Arizona has taken action to incorporate climate change projections into its state-level programs 
  • Arizona’s State Hazard Mitigation Plan is helping it prepare for current climate risks, as are programs to help mitigate hazards, emergency preparedness and communication materials
  • Arizona's Department of Health Services Extreme Heat Preparedness Plan specifically addresses extreme heat, as does a Department of Transportation climate change vulnerability assessment 

Did you know...

  • Arizona is currently the fourth-fastest warming state in the country based on warming rates since 1970
  • Today, Arizona already averages more than 50 dangerous heat days a year, the second highest in the nation. By 2050, Arizona is projected to see almost 80 such days a year