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Coastal Flooding

Rising seas are increasing the odds of damaging coastal floods, which could threaten millions of people and homes, as well as essential infrastructure built near the coast. Our analysis projects each state's coastal flooding threat based on the number of people living in the area at risk of a 100-year coastal flood, taking into account projected increases in sea level by 2050.

Key Findings

  • Louisiana and Florida face enormous coastal flooding risks, far greater than any of the other 22 coastal states, with 21 and 18 percent of their population’s living in the 100-year coastal floodplain.

  • Florida has 3.5 million people currently living in the 100-year coastal floodplain -- by far the most of any state. By 2050, due to rising seas, another 1.1 million people in Florida will be at risk of coastal flooding.

  • States are better prepared for coastal flooding than any of the other five threats. 19 of the 22 coastal states in the lower 48 have taken at least some action to prepare for future risks.

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